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Video Promotions

Incorporating Video SEO into your strategies

Video represents a unique place in the SEO world. While the contents of a video itself aren’t indexed by search engines—at least not yet—the meta data ascribed to the video is. Companies who want to use video as part of their SEO strategies need to use a combination of traditional SEO techniques as well as new techniques that work especially for video SEO.

Adding video within an existing SEO campaign is more about understanding how video and SEO work together, than changing your current SEO practices altogether.

Why Video, Why Now

Video content is one of the most popular and powerful content and communications types on the Internet. In fact, at least 86 percent of the US Internet audience is watching online video—that’s 183 million people.

What makes video so popular to everyone:  Video is easily understandable.  Video is fun.  Video is everywhere.

Video Promotions Themes

Styles of video — Profile your Company  |  Advertising  |  Testimonial  |  News and Events  |  Educational / Training

We’ll take care of the videography, scripts, voiceovers, music, production editing and deliver a finished turnkey product.