Lucy Clark has been involved in the Baltimore graphic design community for many years. 
Recently she has been giving back to the community an active member of B’More Creatives. Her love and enthusiasm for the groups mission has lead to her becoming a co-manager this past year. She handles membership and helps to coordinate promoting the group via social networking and meet-ups when she is in Baltimore, MD.

Bmore Creatives is an interactive online group for women in and around the world of Graphic Design. It’s open for women, in all stages of their school or work careers, to come together, network and learn from each other while having a bit of fun too. Whether a graphic designer, photographer, writer, print rep, paper rep, entertainment organizer or another creative profession, this group allows an opportunity to listen and learn from each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

Bmore Creatives group site logo

Click on the link above to join the group which welcomes individual solo designers as well as creatives in agencies, design studios, print foundries, etc. Stop by and say hello in the virtual water cooler.





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